Other Microphones

Boundary Layer Microphone

This is a cardioid-based boundary layer microphone. I built a pair for a last-minute addition to a live musical. It worked pretty well, despite not being hyper-cardioid. Possibly it was better as just plain cardioid, because there was a loud pit band right behind the mics. The capsule is just a Panasonic WM-55A, with the usual external phantom power supply box. Older phantom power design

Tiny Omnidirectional Microphone

This is just a Panasonic WM-60 omni capsule, stuck on the end of some lavalier cable. Good for clipping onto various instruments. Like the others, it needs some kind of power supply box. Probably I should use some other connector than an XLR, but it's not like these cost a lot of money in the first place. With an expensive capsule I'd be worried about accidentally plugging it into phantom power, though.


Battery box circuit: Battery Box
The main source these days: Yahoo Micbuilders Group
DayVel is a guru: Classic Panasonic capsule applications, TSB-165A circuits, various mics