"Brazil" Mic

This mic is somewhat inspired by the Terry Gilliam movie Brazil. It looks like the classic "baby bottle" design as well, probably because that's an easy design to emulate. The mic is based on a Transound TSB-140A cardioid electret capsule. I've actually seen what appears to be the same capsule in a mid-priced commercial vocal mic. It's fairly flat with good high frequency response, especially good with female voices.

I originially meant for this to be a vocal mic, but people have been using them for guitar amps and all sorts of other things.

Construction is similar to the stereo mic, using 1" copper pipe for the body. The windscreen is fine brass mesh and a thin layer of foam, sandwiched between a pair of huge washers. Crammed into the body of the mic is a phantom-powered circuit to power the capsule and provide a transformerless balanced output. The tiny little spiderweb shock mounting, combined with some latex rubber between the mount and the wooden plug in the pipe end, doesn't quite reduce handling noise the way I'd hoped, but it certainly looks cool.

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Cheesy animated GIF of the mic

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